Anonymous asked:

Everyone's telling me to read books. There saying how Im stupid because I dont read. But that the problem. I CAN'T read. I'm dyslexic. Every time I try to look at a page, the letters move and it hurts my head. I saw TFIOS and If I Stay, and when someone asks me if I read the book and I say no they give me that dirty look. I've tried audiobooks, but I just cant keep up with pacing even if it slow. I wanna read, I really do but people just assume Im stupid since I don't read. I CANT.

tfios-changed-my-life answered:

This breaks my heart. It really does. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s book snobs. It’s none of anyone’s business why you do or do not read. You should be allowed to enjoy whatever you want. There is so much negativity in the world and people do not need to be adding more to it by judging you over something as simple as reading a book. You not reading a book does not affect their lives in any way, so they have no right to judge you.
If you’re comfortable explaining why you don’t read books, then go for it. Make them feel like the scum they are. But if you’re not comfortable with that, you don’t owe them anything. Just remember, they’re the ones who are in the wrong. Not you. Try not to let people like that bother you. They aren’t worth your time.
And please know, I’m happy to have you in the tfios fandom whether you read the book or not!!!